5 Continuous Integration Resources

New continuous integration (CI) tools and practices are being developed all the time and it can be hard to keep up. You’ll find a number of resources below that will help improve your CI knowledge and keep you updated on industry trends.


DZone is a user-generated technical library that covers a variety of topics across the development industry. DZone members write and submit content that is then reviewed by an editorial team for quality and approved for publishing. Their Agile, and Integration zones feature specialized articles, flashcards, tools, and trainings related to continuous integration.

Code Mentor

If you need help with a specific CI issue or are looking for freelance work, Code Mentor is your answer. In addition to live sessions, Code Mentor provides insights on general coding and development. It also offers specific tutorials on continuous integration and connects you with developers from around the world.

Sauce Labs

Covering a range of topics, the Sauce Labs blog offers comprehensive discussion on continuous integration and agile development. You can also subscribe to their blog, and have their content directly e-mailed to you.

Agile Alliance

The Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization that supports people who apply Agile values, principles, and practices to software development. The Alliance curates a blog and content library that features a glossary specifically focused on continuous integration. It also hosts online and in-person conferences to discuss all things agile.

Get Social

There are many social media groups that are dedicated to continuous integration. One group on LinkedIn has almost four thousand members who specifically use the CI methodology in their daily work. There’s also another group that’s devoted to general DevOps. If LinkedIn isn’t your cup of tea, this subreddit r/DevOps has 105,000 active members.

The Probo.CI blog is also a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the continuous integration process. We’ve written a variety of blog posts that include topics like product updates, continuous integration, and quality assurance testing.

Be sure to let us know how these resources work out for you and leave a comment below if there are any additional resources you can recommend.