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New Probo features: Specific PHP Versions & .htaccess controls

We are excited to announce a couple new features for Probo customers this week: we now have 3 versions of our standard image to support various versions of PHP without having to run updates during the build process, and we now support .htaccess controls, to prevent unwanted viewing of your probo environments.

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WordPress on Probo

Probo is built by Zivtech. We are mainly a Drupal shop, but Probo is not a Drupal-specific tool. We use it with any web technology, including WordPress.

One of our clients using WordPress is All Ages Productions, a video production company here in Philadelphia. All Ages created the Probo explainer video for us, and in return we help them support their WordPress site, so they got to experience the product they were helping us market as end-users.

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Probo Roadmap

Probo is a tool that was born of our need to have an easier way to test the web apps that we were creating. It has been open source from the very beginning and as we discovered that it would be helpful to others we have built our SaaS product out of these open source components. We get lots of questions about what features lie in Probo's future and I thought I would share our roadmap here on our blog so that others could comment and make requests.

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Better Error Handling and More To Come!

Yesterday we pushed a big release that gave us a lot of behind the scenes improvements and a few that will be very visible to our users.  When you tried to visit a build that we removed because you pushed newer code or because you had exceeded your disk quota, we would serve you an internal error in JSON format.  Some of our power users learned to know what those error codes meant but for most people it was disorienting and definitely didn't feel very polished.

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