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How Probo Makes Agile Development Easier

Agile development was built on the idea that the development process should be collaborative. Cross-functional teams should work together to produce high quality results that are flexible to change. The agile development manifesto values individuals and interactions over processes and tools, so any tools used in the process should make it easier for individuals to work together. 

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Updates on Probo and Open Source

We built Probo from the ground up with open source software (OSS) as a top priority. Zivtech, the company that built and supports Probo, is an “OSS shop,” and our values are OSS to the core. We value open source in our own code and product as well as the OSS that the broader development community is building. We’re focused on making Probo free and easy to use for OSS developers via the Probo.ci SaaS app. 

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Setting up a WPEngine Site with Probo

As a recent addition to the Zivtech team who doesn’t come from a technical background, I’ve been exposed to a lot of new technologies and terminologies. When our CEO assigned the task of getting a WPEngine site to work with Probo, I knew it would be a challenging learning experience.  With less technical expertise than many other WPEngine users, I was prepared for potential speed bumps along the way. 

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Getting Started with Probo.CI for WordPress

We often talk about Probo in regards to Drupal development because we do a lot of Drupal work at Zivtech. We originally built Probo to eliminate bottlenecks in our development workflow on our Drupal projects, but it can also be used to test any PHP and MySQL based application like WordPress or any other LAMP based CMS platforms.

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Probo web UI/UX updates

It's been about two years since we created Probo's initial UI designs. The UI and UX have served us well so far, but it's time for change!

The user experience for the app was originally developed mostly through intuition, like most brand new projects. We started off looking at other CI tools available, then modified what we found based on our needs.

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