Baltimore DrupalCamp Recap: Shift Left Testing for Continuous Collaboration

October 30, 2018

Our CEO, Alex, led a session at Baltimore DrupalCamp 2018 on Shift Left Testing for Continuous Collaboration. Shift left testing is the process of moving the testing phase to the left. Usually, testing occurs to the far right in the delivery pipeline which, if you’re moving left to right, is at the end of the development process. However, by testing early and often, you can easily isolate bugs and remedy them faster. The shift-left methodology ensures that teams churn out high-quality products.

Continuous Collaboration (CC) is a software delivery method in which teams work together across technical and non-technical departments. This approach reduces the friction that can occur between these individuals during the development process. It also allows nontechnical stakeholders to contribute meaningful feedback more often. 

Similar to other delivery methods like Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), CC, ensures that any changes or features that have reached the end of the development process are ready to be deployed. 

This session will leave you with:

1. An understanding of the Kaizen, Kanban, and shift-left philosophy.
2. Tools that allow for Continous Collaboration.
3. Best practices for implementing shift-left testing into your workflow.

This session is great for beginners who are unfamiliar with the shift-left philosophy. It can also benefit project managers who are looking to streamline the QA process. Watch the full session below.