Better Error Handling and More To Come!

October 7, 2016
Probo Error Page

Yesterday we pushed a big release that gave us a lot of behind the scenes improvements and a few that will be very visible to our users.  When you tried to visit a build that we removed because you pushed newer code or because you had exceeded your disk quota, we would serve you an internal error in JSON format.  Some of our power users learned to know what those error codes meant but for most people it was disorienting and definitely didn't feel very polished.  Now you'll see a nicely formatted error page with our very own ProboMan, or Super Probo if you prefer, when you try to view a build that tells you what happened if something goes wrong. What might go wrong? Well your build might still be building, it might have already been deleted, or maybe you just have a bad link!

The bigger behind the scenes changes have to do with how we store data related to your build steps and how we store data about why we deleted your build. We also laid some of the groundwork necessary for giving you control over how, when, and whether we delete the old builds that you might not be done with (yet). We have some other big changes coming right around the corner.

Stay tuned!