Beyond the Probo Docker Images Restructure Completion

June 27, 2018

We successfully completed the Probo Docker Images Restructure with minimal customer issues. The issues that have surfaced have workarounds in place for now. We'll be addressing any of the bugs we've encountered since the launch of the image restructure in the coming weeks when we release our Probo Beta Images.

What's New with Probo.CI Docker Images?

The Probo Docker Image Restructure has brought along some notable changes and enhancements to the Probo.CI Docker Images.

  • A new default Probo Docker image has been selected.
    • Probo.CI had been using a very old Docker image for its default Probo image, which was still running PHP 5.5!
    • We have updated the default Probo Docker image to our new proboci/ubuntu-14.04-lamp:php-5.6 image tag.
    • Don't worry - we also added a new proboci/ubuntu-14.04-lamp:php-5.5 image tag for those who still need to use PHP 5.5.
  • All Probo Docker images are currently stable and patched against the latest known Spectre and Meltdown CPU security flaws as of June 6th, 2018.
  • Node.js has been updated to the 6.x branch on most Probo Docker Images.
    • Our proboci/ubuntu-14.04-lamp:php-5.5 image is still using Node.js 4.x to keep that image as close a possible to our original default Probo image.
  • The Google Lighthouse automated testing tool has been added to all Probo images out of the box.
  • Varnish has been added to all Probo Images out of the box in preparation for some new features that we'll be launching soon

What's Next for Probo.CI Docker Images?

Our next step is to launch our Probo Beta Images. These Beta images will be updated more frequently and will have the latest changes we make to our Probo Docker images. The plan is to update these monthly with the latest package updates, security releases, kernel updates, new features, and other changes for each of the stable images. Then at some point each quarter, we'll push a new release of the tested and approved changes in the Beta images to the stable Probo Docker Image tags. Stay tuned for more information coming soon on Probo Beta Images!

Do you have some ideas for testing tools or other packages and software that we should include in our Probo Docker Images? Let us know by submitting an issue to the Probo Image Builder project on GitHub. Thanks!