Cypress Testing Platform

As we move toward more dedicated testing suites as part of the native Probo image, we’re please to announce the inclusion of Cypress for end to end testing.

You can learn more about Cypress by visiting their documentation but it is a straight forward test suite that can be built and included with your Probo build. You do not need to include the Cypress binary as part of your build cycle. Include your cypress.json and test files and you will be ready to go!

A Cypress testing plugin will be coming soon to Probo along with other testing plugins but for now you can call Cypress as easily as:

  - name: Run Cypress
    command: cd /src ; CYPRESS_BUILD_URL=$BUILD_DOMAIN cypress run --browser chrome

This requires a small change to your test files when calling a URL:


There is no need to install Chrome or Chrome Driver as already are both included in all Probo build images.

Cypress in Action

Please contact Probo Support with any questions or concerns related to this issue.