How Probo Makes Agile Development Easier

February 15, 2018

Agile development was built on the idea that the development process should be collaborative. Cross-functional teams should work together to produce high quality results that are flexible to change. The agile development manifesto values individuals and interactions over processes and tools, so any tools used in the process should make it easier for individuals to work together. 

Probo has CI in its name, but its real purpose is about continuous collaboration. We wanted to build a tool that made it easier for teams to collaborate and deliver better software. That’s why Probo is such a great tool to have in your agile development toolbox. 

Probo Breaks Down Barriers

There are a lot of different people involved in a software project, and they all have varying skills and technical expertise. It can be challenging to get everyone on the same page when it comes to a project’s progress, especially if a developer is trying to explain a more technical concept to a client or project manager. 

Probo makes it easier to communicate because it isolates changes on a pull request basis and provides a link to a sandbox site to view. This keeps all team members in the loop throughout the entire development process.

Make Life Easier for Lead Developers

Lead developers often spend significant time reviewing and approving the work of their team. With Probo, all team members can see changes as they are created and view what the proposed change will look like once merged into the live code. Lead developers can now enter the process after automated testing has been completed and other team members have reviewed the feature. 

Probo team development process

This prevents bottlenecks and creates a more efficient workflow for the team as a whole. This also greatly reduces the chance of an error with the build after deployment, as various team members have already viewed and approved the change before it gets final approval. Each team member can act as a contributor rather than a roadblock.

Allow for Faster Feedback

With a unique link spun up for every pull request, stakeholders at every step of a project are involved in the feedback process. With a new version of the site for easy viewing, clients or project managers can provide feedback sooner. This also allows for all team members to be involved in the process and decision making so that the final product is exactly what the product owner envisioned.

Save Time and Money

By detecting errors early and often, time isn’t wasted fixing errors that occurred during previous steps in the process. Instead, errors can be detected when they occur, freeing up time that otherwise would have been spent searching for the error. Delivery overall becomes faster, and costly processes become cheaper.

By combining automated testing, which saves time for developers, with human testing, to ensure stakeholders can see and test changes, Probo allows projects to be completed in a more timely and efficient manner.

Through the collaborative nature of agile development, projects can be completed exactly as desired and individuals are valued for their contributions throughout the process. Probo allows for members of all technical levels to work together to create a more successful process overall with streamlined and clear communication. Just like agile development suggests and Probo builds upon, individual team members and collaboration are valued as key aspects in the development process.