New Features for the Probo Drupal Plugin

May 16, 2018

Over the past few weeks, we added some new Probo features to our existing Probo Drupal Plugin. We even had help from one of our customers who contributed a pull request on GitHub. Thank you to joeparsons for the contribution!

Read about the new features below.


The makeArgs setting allows those using the makeFile setting with a Drush makefile and building their sites on Probo to accept additional arguments in the drush make command. You can add this setting to your Drupal plugin steps inside your .probo.yaml file and accepts an array of values.


The makeForceComplete setting was added to allow a Drush makefile to report an error instead of forcing it to complete. This setting can also be added inside your Drupal plugin steps in your .probo.yaml file. It accepts a boolean value and is set to true by default.


The fileProxy setting was added to allow quick and easy integration of the Stage File Proxy module. This setting can be added inside your Drupal plugin steps in the your .probo.yaml file as well. The fileProxy setting accepts a string value for the URL of the source site with no trailing slash,

We hope these new settings make the Probo Drupal Plugin even more useful for those who are already using it.