PHP 8.1 Released and PHP Updates

This week announced the release of PHP 8.1 for general availability. You can read about this release by going to the PHP 8.1 Release Page.

As part of the development of PHP, this also marks support changes for previous versions of PHP. While Probo.CI has every major and minor version of PHP from 5.6 forward, only a subset of these are actively maintained.

PHP 5.6: End of Life
PHP 7.0: End of Life
PHP 7.1: End of Life
PHP 7.2: End of Life
PHP 7.3: End of Life as of November 28, 2021
PHP 7.3: Security Fixes Only until November 28, 2022
PHP 8.0: Actively supported until November 26, 2022
PHP 8.1: Actively supported until November 25, 2023

Probo.CI recommends and encourages all customers to begin testing their web site and any development using PHP 8.0. While we recommend this, the current default image supported by Probo.CI is being updated to PHP 7.4 from PHP 7.3. We will continue to provide access to previous versions of PHP for legacy support until such a time as they can be reliably removed from our system. All images are built on either Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS brand of the Linux operating system.

Versions of PHP and MySQL provided on the images are as follows:

18.04-php56: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 5.6
18.04-php70: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.0
18.04-php71: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.1
18.04-php72: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.2
18.04-php73: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.3
18.04-php74: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.4
18.04-php80: MySQL 5.7 & PHP 8.0
20.04-php74: MySQL 8.0 & PHP 7.4
20.04-php80: MySQL 8.0 & PHP 8.0
20.04-php81: MySQL 8.0 & PHP 8.1

For more information on the updates to our disk images including MySQL 8.0 and Ubuntu 20.04 support, click here. For infomration on including these images in your project, click here.

Please contact Probo Support with any questions or concerns related to this issue.