Probo Update: The Probo Shell is Live

September 19, 2018

The Probo team is excited to announce that the Probo Shell is live!

Previously, users could only run and change the code in the probo.yaml files and view the results from the outside.

Now with the Probo Shell, users can connect directly to their build container with SSH, as well as view logs quickly all within the Probo.CI App. This means developers can view or change settings even after the build has completed.

The Probo Shell update allows developers to save time on rebuilds and quickly run bash commands such as drush and composer, or re-run a script inside a build. Additionally, Probo users can now quickly debug errors without having to rebuild the whole build by viewing the apache access log, apache error log, and PHP error log files all within the same widget.

Check out the Probo product roadmap to see what features we’re working on next. What features and updates would you like to see in the Probo App? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on Slack!