General Updates to Probo.CI

We’re please to announce the release of what we’ve nicknamed Probo.CI 2.0. While the updates to Probo.CI are under the hood, a comprehensive re-work of the Probo.CI UI is underway that we look forward to launching in 2022. This update lays the framework under which those updates can be performed. Upon the updates we’re making include:

  • More reliable tracking of disc space consumed and available
  • Bug fixes to the build reap service
  • Updated subscription credit card expiration date for additional years.
  • Changes to the disc space quotas. Prices will remain the same but quotas will change to:
    • Platinum Plan: 185gb
    • Gold Plan: 100gb
    • Silver Plan: 40gb
    • Bronze Plan: 10gb
    • Starter Plan: 3gb

Existing customers will be contacted with a migration timeline beginning in December 2021 and January 2022.

Please contact Probo Support with any questions or concerns related to this issue.