Probo.CI Now Allows GitLab Integration

Changes to Probo.CI now make integrating with hosted GitLab Server Instances possible. Organizations and developers that use a hosted version of GitLab Server are now able to connect their repositories to Probo.CI and start testing their code. Check out our documentation for Using Probo with GitLab Server to get started connecting your GitLab Server instance with Probo.

All Probo integrations provide the same access to our library of Probo plugins that quickly configure testing builds for today’s top CMS platforms like Drupal and Wordpress, as well as a general LAMP plugin for testing any MySQL and PHP based applications. We also include a Script and Shell plugin to allow configuring custom build steps using bash to setup your build environment as needed to match your production environment and run tests against your code.

If you’re new to Probo, getting started is free and includes a two month trial period.