Drupaldelphia 2019 Recap

May 13, 2019

Drupaldelphia is an annual all-day event held in Philadelphia as part of Philly Tech Week. The event focuses on Drupal and gives developers, site-builders, content administrators, designers, and others from the Philadelphia area the opportunity to participate in and attend sessions, sprints, labs, and workshops.  

This year, we were a core sponsor of the event, and many of our Probo team members led sessions!

The 3 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing

March 15, 2019

There is increasing pressure for software developers to develop features and products that provide customers with everything they want. On top of that, there is a need for these products to be delivered on time and under budget.

It’s for these reasons that developers are turning to continuous testing. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, continuous testing differs from traditional testing because it occurs earlier and more often in the development lifecycle.

Successful DevOps: Breaking Down Silos

February 19, 2019

During traditional software development, it isn’t uncommon for development and operations teams to work in silos. Silos limit cross-team communication until the very end of the software development project. 

This means that throughout the development cycle, developers only work on developing and operation teams only focus on operations. This method of software development is less than ideal and leads to reduced productivity. 

4 Ways to Avoid Development Bottlenecks

January 23, 2019
In software development, a bottleneck describes a point in your workflow that slows or comes to a stop. It’s important to identify bottlenecks before they occur so that your development workflow can be as smooth as possible. Here are four ways to avoid development bottlenecks.

How to Implement Shift-Left Testing

January 9, 2019

This is the final blog entry of a three-part series that we started about shift-left testing. 

Part one of this series introduced shift-left testing and the concepts and methodologies behind it. You can read more about the history of shift-left testing, here. You should also check out part two of this series which explained the benefits of shift-left testing. 

The Benefits of Shift-Left Testing

December 5, 2018

This is part two of our shift-left testing series. A few weeks ago, we released part one, which explained the concept of shift-left testing and provided an overview of its methodology and history.

The shift-left testing methodology moves the testing part of web development closer to the beginning of the process instead of leaving it at the end. When you shift testing to the left it ensures that developers are testing earlier and more often.