Why You Should Use a Feature Branch Workflow

October 19, 2018

Talk to a number of different web development teams and you’ll find that they each have unique aspects to their workflows. Whether their process remains consistent or they regularly iterate to optimize efficiency, no team works in exactly the same way. 

Regardless of your team’s quirks, using feature branches is a best practice when it comes to web development. 

Why Automated Testing For Accessibility Is Not Enough

October 2, 2018
Automatic testing for accessibility is not enough to ensure that your site is equally accessible to everyone. There are a number of things automatic testing cannot account for, including alt text, online forms, and rich media. A balance of automatic and manual testing is important when designing an accessible site.

Probo Update: The Probo Shell is Live

September 19, 2018

The Probo team is excited to announce that the Probo Shell is live!

Previously, users could only run and change the code in the probo.yaml files and view the results from the outside.

Now with the Probo Shell, users can connect directly to their build container with SSH, as well as view logs quickly all within the Probo.CI App. This means developers can view or change settings even after the build has completed.

Challenges to DevOps Implementation

September 4, 2018

DevOps has grown in popularity over the last few years as companies continue to realize the advantages of unifying development and operations teams. The DevOps methodology aims at improving workflow and productivity by combining the efforts of operations people and developers. When both groups work together to solve problems, they’re able to deliver software features and updates more frequently and reliably. 

Important Details About the Probo Docker Images Restructure

June 7, 2018

We wanted to write a followup to our original post with some important details about the Probo Image Restructure. Several customers have already provided valuable feedback about our original plans and others are asking questions about the overall transition process. We want to ensure the least amount of confusion, issues, and downtime for our customers during this transition. Hopefully this post clears up some of the questions or concerns any of you may have.